Life is better when you’re connected. At Metropolitan Church, we believe God designed us to connect with Him and with each other. For this reason, our LifeGroups help provide opportunities to do just that.

LifeGroups create opportunities for relationship, discipleship and fellowship. We grow spiritually and relationally when we participate in LifeGroups.

You were not designed to live life alone. God has gifted you with special abilities through which you worship him and encourage others. I want to invite you to share those abilities and grow in your relationship with Jesus in one of our LifeGroup settings.

Below, you’ll find a summary of the different LifeGroups offered at Metro. I would encourage you to read through the brief descriptions and select a group that best fits your stage of life. Also, you’ll find information about how you can contact group leaders with questions about connecting with a group. If you have questions that aren’t specifically addressed here, please feel free to contact Pastor Clint Johnson ( or Jennifer Browning (

Let’s join together. Let’s be the body of Christ and learn and grow with each other. I’m excited about the opportunities to grow and I look forward to your development as you participate in a Metro Life Group.

 Pastor Jason

Choose a day below to view LifeGroups that meet.

Family & Faith (Adults)

Cary & Amy Miller | LDC 212 | 9:00 AM
Each week our goal is to grow in relationship with God and others through relevant teaching, great conversations, and encouragement from one another. If you desire to raise your family with others and on the foundation of faith, join us!

Gods Good Life (Adults)

Lois Adcock, Kay Wildman | LDC 210 | 9:00 AM
This class is for Adults who enjoy an interactive, caring fellowship. The teaching is scripture-based with an emphasis on what the Bible says to us today in our season of life. We share a weekly Prayer List, have a special interest in missions, and enjoy connecting with each member. Several times a year we share a meal together after Morning Worship.

Women of Wonder (Women)

Amy Long | LDC 211 | 9:00 AM
Women of Wonder is a diverse group of women who pray, encourage one another, and learn to apply Bible principles to their everyday lives.

His Class (Adults)

Tom Fridy | LDC 210 | 9:00 AM
Topics are Word-based and varied that manifest the Kingdom of God on earth according to Jesus’ model. “The same things I do you shall do also,” Jesus — John 14:12. Worship, prayer, intercession and the gifts of the Spirit are taught as a lifestyle.

Circle Up Adults (Adults)

Todd and Paige Lankford | LDC 213 | 9:00 AM
This class is for couples (married or dating) that are looking for encouragement, a place to serve, prayer and nourishment. In addition to our study each Sunday, we will enjoy a fellowship on the 5th Friday of each month and will come together to serve the community once a quarter.

Book of James (Young Adults)

Jonathan Jenkins | LDC 202 | 9:00 AM

The book of James speaks to the realities of a living faith in Jesus- the kind of roll-up-your-sleeves and get-your-hands-dirty discipleship that is borne out of an authentic relationship with the risen Lord. 

Starting Pointe (Adults)

Greg Dye | LDC 3rd Floor | 9:00 AM

Starting Point is an 8 week discussion group that centers around the foundations of the Christian life with conversations about God, faith and discipleship. This is for people who are new to the faith and those who have been around church for a while and may have questions.


What is Marraige? (Adults)

Doug and Pam Lolley | LDC 214 | 9:00 AM
What is marriage? What does a Christian Marriage look like? Come and find out with real conversations, as we discuss scriptures and discover a love that knows no bounds.

Conclave (College & Young Adults)

Pastor Clint & Lisa Johnson | LDC Youth Cafe | 6:00 PM
Join us for food, acoustic worship, an inspiring message, and the best community anywhere.


Men’s Wednesday Morning Bible Study 

Come meet us at Edgars as we learn how to have a deeper relationship with God. Whether you are new to Bible study or a veteran, you will find encouragement, inspiration, and practical tips on how you can get together and affect the world through prayer.

Wednesday 6:30-7:30 AM
Terry Bethea
Edgars at the Colonnade

Wednesday Evening Classes

Intercessory Prayer

Larry Battle | Sanctuary | 5:30 PM
Join with others for a concentrated time of praying for those in need, our church, and for God to move among us.


Conclave U (College & Young Adults)

Pastor Clint & Lisa Johnson | L202 | 6:30 PM
Conclave U is a great place to find community, fellowship and learning. This semester, join us for Focus on the Road. Learn spiritual principles to help you deal with all the challenges you face on the road of life.


Romans (Adults)

Terry Bethea | L210 | 6:30 PM
This class will study the book of Romans and how Paul’s writings still speak to us today.

Beyond (Women)

Sandy Blackwell | LDC 212 | 6:30 PM
Life as you know it may never be the same. No matter where you are in your faith journey, this class will challenge you to take a step toward truth—about God, about faith, and about yourself.

Marriage Basics (Adults)
Elliot and Ami Hicks | L211 | 6:30 PM
All married couples are welcome! Join us as we journey together through basic truths that build and sustain the foundation for a healthy, vivacious, faith-filled marriage that honors God.


Living In His Presence (Adults)
Glenda Ryan | L209 | 6:30 PM
Then Moses said to him, “If your Presence does not go with us, do not send us up from here”. This study, “Living From The Presence” is about one of the most foundational elements of the Christian life-how to live under the active, continuous influence of the Spirit of God.

Intercessory Prayer (Adults)

Julia Wilkoff | Sanctuary Prayer Room | 6:30 PM
Join with other adults for a concentrated time of praying for specific ministries.


Post Rapture Events (Adults)

Jerald Wilson | Commons | 6:30 PM
After the trumpet for the rapture sounds, what is the next chapter in the life of the Christian? What activities does God have planned for his children after the rapture? God gives us exciting proclamations about our future with Him. Join us on this exciting journey Jesus has mapped out for the believer. The class will close with time remaining to share humorous “funnies” because laughter is good medicine for God’s children.


Women of Grace (Women)

Jennifer Browning | L209 | 9:30 AM
Partner with other women as we focus on the book of John, using the study “Proven” by Jennie Allen!


1st Appointment
First Monday Each Month (Starting September 2018)
Dr. Michael Welborn | Cracker Barrel at Colonnade | 6:15 AM
This fellowship time is to help men see their true identity and purpose in the context of brotherhood for the sake of their families, church, and cities.


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