Life is better when you're connected.

Here at Metro, we believe God designed us to connect with Him and with each other. For this reason, our LifeGroups help provide opportunities to do just that.
LifeGroups create opportunities for relationship, discipleship and fellowship. We grow spiritually and relationally when we participate in LifeGroups.
You were not designed to live life alone. God has gifted you with special abilities through which you worship him and encourage others. I want to invite you to share those abilities and grow in your relationship with Jesus in one of our LifeGroup settings.
Below, you’ll find a summary of the different LifeGroups offered at Metro. I would encourage you to read through the brief descriptions and select a group that best fits your stage of life. Also, you’ll find information about how you can contact group leaders with questions about connecting with a group. If you have questions that aren’t specifically addressed here, please feel free to contact Pastor Clint Johnson ( or Jennifer Browning (
Let’s join together. Let’s be the body of Christ and learn and grow with each other. I’m excited about the opportunities to grow and I look forward to your development as you participate in a Metro Life Group.
-Pastor Jason Browning

Wednesdays are all new! 

  • We have a NEW discipleship experience called TAKE 10. 
  • Doors open at 6:45 PM in the COMMONS and you will be told where to go.
  • We will have groups of 10 in spaces provided around the Metro Campus. Our topic for the summer will be TRUTH VS. LIES.
  • We are excited about mee@ng together on campus to grow in our rela@onship with Christ and we hope you will make plans to join us!
  • Pastor Jason will be speaking LIVE from the Sanctuary and there will be TVs in each space with the broadcast.
  • The groups will have a discussion time and will end with prayer from Pastor Jason.

More info about LifeGroups